«One Tourist, One Tree» project release

In the context of the «International Year of Forests», declared by the United Nations, the National Forest Corporation (Conaf), and Trekking Chile Foundation, the project «One Tourist, One Tree» has been released.

By GoChile

This initiative will allow tourists to diminish the carbon footprint produced by their trip by donating a native tree to be planted in National Parks and Reserves, or within the Urban Forestation Program, promoted by the government.

During a ceremony held in the Gen Suite Hotel, in Santiago’s city center, the tree donations started, giving the green light to the project «One Tourist, One Tree». As expressed by Conaf’s manager of Protected Wild Areas, Eduardo Katz, and the president of Trekking Chile Foundation, Franz Schubert, tourist businessmen have been really enthused by the initiative, since ecosustainable tourism is a growing concern for tourists all over the world.

Because of this, 10 tourist agencies donated 100 trees each, with which the foundation made a total donation equivalent to 1000 trees. Besides, Gen Suites Hotel donated another 170 trees, one for each of its bedrooms.
One of the main goals of the program is to achieve the donation and plantation of 30.000 native trees, which will be planted in the Protected Wild Areas National System, (which includes Parks, Reserves, and Natural Monuments in Chile) or in the Urban Forestation Program, which objective is to forestate towns and cities along the country.

For the Urban Forestation Program manager, Andrés Eyzaguirre, these initiatives are the ones that will allow, by 2018, to reach the goal of planting one tree for every Chilean citizen, filling our cities with green and improving the life quality of our people.

And of course, GoChile, sponsor of Trekking Chile has made a donation of 100 trees for the inauguration of the project! We are very happy to be part of this initiative, and we want to invite you to check our National Parks Guide, and plan your trip in Chile with our hotels, tours, car rental service, and flights.