San Rafael Lagoon: The Star of the Chilean Cruises

Cruises in San Rafael LagoonFor years it has been a staple of the excursions to Patagonia, with thousands of people dreaming of drinking a whisky with the millennial ice of its glacier. San Rafael Lagoon  it is still a hot destination and one of the most important attractions in the area.

By GoChile

San Rafael Lagoon, declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 1979, is a fjord located in the Region of Aysén, in the national park bearing the same name. With a surface area of 123 km² and a pro-glacial origin, the lagoon is the outlet of San Rafael Glacier.

Several ships sail from Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Montt to the lagoon, in a journey that lasts from 6 hours to 6 days, with viewpoints for tourists to take a close look at the floating icebergs. When the ships arrive in the lagoon, the passengers have the chance to make a toast while enjoying their whisky with millennial ice, a tradition you cannot miss.

While Skorpios ships sail from Puerto Montt in a 6 day/5 night trip, Catamaranes del Sur sail from Puerto Chacabuco and Catamaranes del SurPuyuhuapi Lodge & Spa, which also offers accommodation packages and daily excursions to the lagoon. In turn, Mare Australis, a luxury cruise owned by Navimag, goes on a 5 day/4 night trip departing from Puerto Montt.

Another way to visit the lagoon is to take a 2-hour flight over the area, taking off from Coyhaique aerodrome. The Pipper Azteca, a craft with a capacity of 5 passengers, flies to Northern Patagonian Ice Fields, with a beautiful panoramic view of the snowed peaks, lakes, rivers, and countless fjords and channels. Upon arriving at the lagoon, the craft flies over for around 20 minutes.

The departure times are flexible and the charter also carries out individual flight if requested with anticipation. Of course, the flights are subject to weather conditions. You can book this cruise filling our contact form.

Whatever is your way to go to San Rafael Lagoon, it is a destination you cannot miss. You can book tours and cruises in GoChile