Hotel Patagónico: History and Luxury

GoChile‘s product manager, Pablo Dutilh talks about the history of Hotel Patagónico, and narrates his experience in one of the best hotels in Puerto Varas.

Ever since the 1930’s, Puerto Varas has been an active tourist destination, receiving thousands of Chilean and foreign visitors  in several types of accommodation.  It was back then when Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado (State Railroad Company) decided to build a hotel to meet the increasing demand for enjoying the beauty of Lake Llanquihue and its surroundings. The gastronomy and local culture, strongly rooted to the German colonists that exploited the resources in the area, have always been an interesing attraction for tourists.

Gran Hotel Puerto Varas was inaugurated in 1936, and in 2007, after several years positioned as one of the best hotels in southern Chile, it was bought by a group of businessmen who decided to relaunch it and transform it into Hotel Patagónico, hand in hand with the architect José Domingo Penha Fiele.

Going through its broad corridors and halls you will discover traditional Patagonian elements, such as rustic woods and decorative objects of the aborigin Mapuche and Pehuenche cultures. With almost 14.000 m2,  the hotel hast 91 roooms, (53 Standards, 30 Superiors, 2 Suites and 6 Master Suites). It also features El Alerce Restaurant, Kutral Bar, and Kalul Spa. Its common areas welcome hosts and connect them with the local culture, for example with phrases of Chilean writers written on the walls, and excellent books by indigenous authors in its fireplace-library.

It is a minimalist style building, with no extravagant decoration that includes Patagonian materials, such as wood and leather in its furniture to create a unique and comfortable hotel experience. The spaces, with early 20th century architecture, which does not spare on sizes, is reflected in its luxurious rooms, a well equipped spa, and the sofas by the fireplace.

The services is, without doubts,  one of the highlights of the hotel, with a kind and quiet staff, which make  you feel comfortable in an otherwise hostile environment, due to the region’s climate. The exquisiteness of its restaurant and bar, from the pisco sour to roasted lamb, will suprise you with their perfect preparation.

Because of this, it is much more recommendable to visit the hotel in winter, when its comfort and cozy spirit stand out, and also, because of its special offers and discounts.