The Singular Hotel: The New Star in Chilean Patagonia

Our sales executive, Catalina Zúñiga, tells her experience in the newly inaugurated The Singular Hotel, located in Puerto Bories 10 km away from Puerto Natales. This is a hotel that has slowly become the new star of the local luxury accommodation.

By Catalina Zúñiga

I was one of the few fortunate travelers to visit The Singular Hotel, located in Puerto Bories, in the Chilean Patagonia, with Última Esperanza Fjord as my witness. The project was born thanks to the initiative of the heirs of four generations of pioneers who opened Tierra del Fuego Cold Storage Plant in the second decade of the twentieth century.

The plant, declared a Historical National Monument in 1999, has been restored and turned into a hotel that combines history, luxury, and the industrial elements of its past.  It is a place full of stories, and going through its corridors is an incredible experience.

During the visit we were informed about the restoration and reconstruction processes the storage plant and the hotel went through. We were amazed by sentences like “it was buried underground”, that made reference precisely to the restaurant in which we were having dinner. There, many objects that once belonged to the cold storage operators are now displayed in glass cabinets as invaluable museum pieces.

Arriving in the hotel, after the 3-hour trip from Punta Areas, my first thoughts were: “This is gonna be something special, what a crazy hotel, what were they thinking?”. Our vehicle got to a kind of storehouse, where the hosts received us very warmly. We then had to “descend” into the hotel in a cable car!. Doubtlessly, the name “The Singular” really reflects the spirit of the whole project. Even though it is not 100% operational and there are several areas still being built and repared, the hotel is simply astonishing.

It is a luxury, five star hotel, with all the amenities a demanding guest may ever need. But the Singular is more than that: its architecture, decoration, spacious rooms and history give it a unique vibe, making every detail worth looking at.

Besides its amazing facilities, it offers excursions in unknown areas of Patagonia, spots that have been there forever but very few people have visited, such as the Small Cave, and the Medium sized cave (most people only know Cueva del Milodón). We also sailed around the icebergs on a vessel owned by the hotel, which was nice because we got to the glaciers before the other visitors.

There are other hotels offering all inclusive programs and great views of Última Esperanza Sound, but the elements that really make a difference with this hotel are its location, the details in its rooms, and their original decoration.

I would say that anyone interested in discovering the ‘real Patagonia’, enjoying an incredible stay and, of course, being able to afford a program in the hotel can be a potential guest. A good thing is that you can book single nights, independently from the all-inclusive programs.

As a travel agent, I would recommend this hotel to any tourist –Chilean of foreigner- who wants a different experience in a very “singular” hotel, or also to anyone who is somehow related to the history of Puerto Bories, for he/she will be surprised with the magnitude of this project and with how a piece of history has been rescued.

I would go back to this hotel over and over again, hopefully with more time so as to see it in its entirety, enjoy the spa, and go on more excursions in this wonderful place in Chile.