Lollapalooza Chile 2012: The Second Time Is Always Better

After a successful first edition in 2011, Lollapalooza Chile is finally back in town this weekend (31st of March and 1st of April). Its amazing line up, -an interesting mixture of old and new generations of artists- confirms its reputation of being one of the most important festivals in the world.

By GoChile

The festival will be held at Parque O’Higgins, and will feature 59 artists in 6 stages operating simultaneously. Two-day tickets are $75.000 Chilean pesos (USD 150 approx.), and the facilities include food and resting areas, activities, ecological workshops, a kids stage, and much, much more.

Álvaro Rojas, our translator and journalist for the Chilean rock magazine, Rockaxis,  gives his reccommendations on the bands and artists that no one should miss:

  • FOO FIGHTERS: their excellent seventh LP, “Wasting Light” (2011), confirmed the good moment Dave Grohl and his band are going through, selling out stadiums and headlining festivals all over the world. If this weren’t enough, they will be performing alongside with Joan Jett, the leader of the American punk icons, The Blackhearts.

Sunday 1st of April, 20:30, Claro-LG stage.

Recommended song: Rope

  • BJÖRK: the Icelandic artist surprised the world once again with «Biophilia» (2011), an album that incorporates music and technology like it had never been done before. The project includes a cd release, iPad apps, installations, and of course, the live experience. She is renowned for the uniqueness of her live shows.
  • Saturday 31st of March, 21:30, Claro-Lg stage.

    Recommended song: Army of Me

  • ARCTIC MONKEYS: “Suck it and See” (2011) took the English rockers one step further. Now they have definitely left behind the naive days of «Whatever People Say I Am…» to mix pop ballads with the dark guitars present in Humbug (2009). The Monkeys are one of the most popular acts in Europe, and their effort and patience are finally paying off in the once elusive American market.
  • Saturday 31st of March, 20:00 Coca Cola stage.

    Recommended song: R U Mine? 

  • MGMT: their internationally acclaimd debut album, «Oracular Spectacular» (2007) put this duo on spotlight and put them in the first places of the international sale charts. Their sophomore effort confirmed the good reviews, and now the band comes to Chile to give us a good dose of the indie pop rock that has become increasingly popular during the last four years.
  • Sunday 1st of April, 19:00 Coca Cola stage.

    Recommended song: Kids

  • TV ON THE RADIO:  Less than a year after the bassist Gerard Smith died, the Boorklyn quintet goes back to the stage to promote «Nine Types of Light» (2011) and keep on amazing fans with their eclectic mixture of rock, soul, electronic, and punk.
  • Sunday 1st of April, 16:30, Coca Cola Stage.

    Recommended song: Second Song

  • BAND OF HORSES: One of the current icons of the legendary label Sub Pop, Band of Horses lands in South America for the first time to delight us with their mixture of pop and rock, beautiful melodies, and powerful guitar arrangements. Their latest album is Infinite Arms (2010)
  • Sunday 1st of April, 15:30, Claro-Lg stage.

    Recommended song: The Funeral

  • CAGE THE ELEPHANT: The Kentucky band surprised audiences in 2009 with their self-titled debut, an album that mixed the traditions of the southern folk music with the power of of rock and funk. They are now touring their second album, «Thank You Happy  Birthday» (2011).
  • Saturday 31st of March, 18:45, Claro-LG stage.

    Recommended song: In One Ear

    It’s not all rock in English. As a matter of fact, the greater part of the line up is taken by Chilean bands and artists. We now give you the national acts you cannot miss.

    • FERNANDO MILAGROS: after two relatively successful albums released in 2007 and 2009, Fernando Milagros scored the most acclaimed album of 2011. Mixing folk and rock with an umistakable Chilean touch, «San Sebastián» (2011) is an album bound to stand the test of time.

    Sunday 1st of April, 18:00, Huntcha stage.

    Recommended song: Carnaval

  • LOS TETAS: After a controversial breakup in 2004, Los Tetas (The Tits) reformed last December with their original lineup to please their fans and pick it up where they left it eight years ago. Lovers of funk rock are in for a treat.
  • Saturday 31st of March, 16:00, Alternative stage.

    Recommended song: Hormigas planas

  • PEDROPIEDRA: Pedro Subercaseaux is here to prove his credentials and show his most recent album “Cripta y Vida” (2011), a continuation of the catchy pop he explored in «Pedropiedra» (2009).
  • Saturday 31st of March, 12:15, Coca Cola stage.

    Recommended song: Vacaciones en el más allá

    Now you know it. If you don’t wanna miss the festival of the year and enjoy some of the best current bands, you can buy your ticket in Lollapalooza’s official website ( and have an experience you will never ever forget. If you are not in Santiago, or live outside Chile, you can book accommodation, transfers, flights and much more sending an email at

    Click HERE to see the park’s map.