Hotel Parque Quilquico: A Comforting and Authentic View of Chiloé

By Tania Opazo

In Rilán Peninsula you can find one of the newest tourism projects of Isla Grande de Chiloé: Parque Quilquico. This is a beautiful hotel set across from Pullao Wetland, on the shore of Dalcahue Channel. It has thirteen rooms and four family stilt houses that follow the local architectural pattern, consisting mainly of native woods.

To get to the hotel you need to take the detour in Ruta 5 a few miles before Castro. It will take you through a paved road, which then turns into dirt, surrounded by a green, silent, refreshing landscape. When you arrive at the hotel you will be welcomed by the staff, which made up entirely by islanders. They will offer you something to drink and then will take you to your room.

The rooms are everything a bedroom in Chiloé should be: warm, cozy, with soft beds, and wool blankets that give them a special charm. All of them have balconies overlooking the wetland, and they are so nice that you could be sitting there all day looking at the sea and the changes in the tide. There is also a terrace next to the bar, where you can have a drink and share with other passengers.

The food at Quilquico embodies the Chilote culture and its traditions with delicious dishes made with local ingredients. A good example is the Congrio Quilquico Grillé, accompanied by Spanish potato omelet, smoked clam sauce, and local vegetables (amazing!). The staff is very attentive and they try their best all the time to provide a quick and good service (which is always valuable).

Other important features of Parque Quilquico are its heated pool, hot tubs, and green areas, which you can discover on your own or with a guide. On the roads near the hotel you can also see varied flora and fauna species, and you will have the chance to visit families that have devoted their lives to fishing, agriculture, and craftworks. There is also a patio where you can have barbecues, a computer and TV room (the rooms don’t have TV sets).

In general, this is a great place to rest, relax, and eat well, but it is also a good starting point for a number of excursions in the area. I truly recommend staying here while you visit the wonderful Chiloé Island, which New York Times named one of the 45 places to visit this year.

You can learn more about Parque Quilquico and make a reservation clicking here. You can also book a 4-day package here.