Marathon in Torres del Paine: Runners in the Chilean Patagonia

Are you a jogging fanatic? Are you one of those people that go running in the nearest park whenever they can? Do you sign up for every competition on the calendar? If that is the case, you may be interested in taking one step further (a big one) down the road to becoming a pro runner.

The Patagonian International Marathon will take place in Torres del Paine National Park, in Región de Magallanes, on the 23rd of September, 2012. It is being organized by the creators of the Patagonian Expedition Race, one of the “Ten Races in Amazing Places”, as named by National Geographic last January, and it offers the amazing experience of competing in one of the most pristine landscapes in the world: Chile’s Southern end.


This marathon is a unique chance to experience a different type of competition, connecting with nature, watching the snow-capped granite walls and the guanacos running freely, while being surrounded by beautiful wild flora in an amazing natural spectacle.


Registrations are open until the 7th of September and there is a maximum amount of 500 runners. There will be three different modalities: 10, 21, and 42 kms (6, 13, and 26 mi), and there is a minimum age of 18 years to run 21 and 42 kms and 16 years to run 10.  The race will take you through undulating roads and there will be stations providing runners with water and fruit. Also, the time of each runner will be registered with timekeeping chips (included with the registration).


All runners that finish the race will receive a medal and one electronic certificate sent via email. They will also enjoy a traditional Patagonian Barbecue after the race, during the awards ceremony. The official inauguration will take place the day before the marathon, and it will consist of a welcome cocktail in Hotel Río Serrano. Later on there will be two parallel pasta nights held at Rio Serrano and Hotel Las Torres respectively.


The activities for this race start on the 21st of September (with the handing out of the competition kits in Puerto Natales) and conclude on Monday the 24th of September. This is why the tourist packages, which include accommodation, meals, transfers, tours, and park entrance tickets, are at least 3 days/2 nights. They do not include the marathon registration fee, which must be paid separately with prices ranging between $35.000 and $70.000 CLP.


For more information please visit the marathon’s Official Website. If you are interested in participating, in GoChile we offer several accommodation options. One of them is the Torre Central Refuge, which is used during the Trekking W Circuit, with rates from $190.000 CLP per person. Another option is to stay at Hotel Las Torres, with prices from $385.000 CLP per person. For more information about these tours and other packages do not hesitate to write to us at