Win 2 Nights for Two People in Terra Luna Lodge

Before going there, I thought Terra Luna was a strange name for a lodge, though as soon as I arrived I was able to see what their slogan was standing for “A Unique Place” for unique people.

By María José Lizama

Terra Luna Lodge is located in Puerto Guadal, 290 kms south of Balmaceda Airport (a 4-5 hour drive), on the shore of Lake General Carrera, a place which is well known for its microclimate that allows you to visit the area all year. What struck me the most was how long the days were. The sun rises really early and it sets around 11 pm. This gives you the chance to take advantage of the daylight and enjoy the several activities offered by the lodge, such as trekking and sailing.

The lodge is set in a broad land, an open space with beautiful green gardens where you can see animals like horses and hens, which make the place comforting and welcoming but at the same time connect you with the surrounding nature.

The territory has a road that takes you directly to a small port owned by the Lodge, from where you can go on various aquatic excursions. I recommend going on the Jet Boat, a unique motorboat that can take you to remote places where bigger vessels cannot get to. Without a doubt, it is one of the lodge’s coolest attractions.

Nevertheless, the greatest place in the hotel is the “Main Lodge”, the room where meals are served. It has big windows going from the floor to the ceiling, boasting a privileged view of the lake’s immensity. You can enjoy the stunning landscapes of dawn while having a delicious, personalized breakfast.

If you’re looking for a place to rest and relax under a blue sky, surrounded by calm water, Terra Luna Lodge is the right choice.



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