Discovering Lake General Carrera

By María José Lizama


The Lake General Carrera Tour is a spectacular glance at the landscapes of southern Chile. In five days and four nights it reveals to you the majesty of the lake, while you visit several towns and stay at hotels that faithfully capture the beauty of these lands.

The experience starts departing from Balmaceda Airport, to then take a road surrounded by thick forests amongst which the lake stands out. The journey continues heading for Puerto Tranquilo, a small town with only one main street and a few side roads. The silence there is just overwhelming. You will spend the first night and experience an infinite tranquility in which you can only hear the wind passing amongst the trees.

The next morning you will continue heading south until getting to Puerto Guadal, a small town set on the shore of Lake General Carrera. Most of the people working at the nearby hotels live here, so they know the area very well and are really kind. You will stay at a hotel overlooking the turquoise waters of the lake.

After spending two days in those small towns and enjoying the activities proposed in the itinerary, the trip continues skirting the lake and crossing the Argentinean border, where it changes its name to Buenos Aires. After a while you will arrive at Chile Chico, the closest city to Puerto Guadal. You will spend the night at Hostería Posada del Río, which is located in the Chile Chico Pampa. Its beautiful views with astonish you.

The next morning you will board a ferry to cross the lake and head for Puerto Ibáñez.  It is a beautiful trip, but it can get very windy at times. It lasts approximately 90 minutes and it shows you the different sides of the lake, letting you also appreciate its flora and fauna. Arriving in Puerto Ibañez you have the chance to go to Coyhaique or to leave for the airport. If you want to go to Coyhaique, you will have the freedom to discover the city, try its exquisite local cuisine or go on excursions in the surroundings, with activities like rafting and horseback riding. You will spend the night at Hostería Coyhaique to leave the area the following morning.

If you want to visit the beautiful landscapes of Southern Chile, be amazed by attractions like the Marble Caves and discover the charm of places like Puerto Guadal, Puerto Tranquilo, and the Carretera Austral, this is definitely the right tour for you.